Partner Success Story

A Case Study Interview with Conekt Australia’s Director, Alex Pinkerton

Company Name:

Conekt Australia


Managed Service Provider

Technology Solution(s):

  • Wholesale Internet and VoIP and Virtual Data Centre


Lane Cove NSW, Australia

Recognising the headache of dealing with multiple companies, Conekt Australia was born to help bring essential IT services under a single umbrella.

Before Conekt came along, finding full-service support was like visiting nineteen specialty grocery stores to get all of the ingredients for a single recipe. By offering IT management, process automation, cyber security, cloud, internet and print services all through one organisation, Conekt is “one hand to shake,” as Co-Director Alex Pinkerton puts it.

Ending a start-up struggle

After meeting up with Hosted Network and feeling an instant connection, the search was over.

“Ben’s technical expertise and the team’s openness to assist… We just had a really good feeling. We did our research, and the company with the broadest range of services that suited what we wanted to deliver to the market and our clients was Hosted Network.”– Alex Pinkerton Director, Conekt Australia

Flexibility and Support

Online access to Hosted Network’s self-service portal made it easy for Conekt’s team to jump in and make the changes they needed for their clients straight away without having to rely on anyone else. When they did need support or a service provisioned urgently, Hosted Network was standing by to help.

“The responsiveness and the initiative to want to assist us with resolving any challenges when they do come up… That’s where we know that we can rely on [Hosted Network].”– Alex Pinkerton

What’s Next?

Conekt Australia’s partnership with Hosted Network continues to grow during Conekt’s fourth year in business. Hosted Network has helped Conekt expand their capabilities by serving as an integral part of the team for technical scoping and solution architecting.

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