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Wholesale VoIP

A VoIP platform designed for service providers who want to offer VoIP quickly and easily to their retail clients who have a need for high performance, high quality and low cost PBX solutions.

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SIP Trunking

Keep your current phone system

Hosted Network SIP Trunks are compatible with all major PBX’s (So long as they support SIP). When using SIP Trunks you future proof your business for growth and control your call costs.

SIP Trunking also works with many of the major Unified Communications platforms such as Skype for Business (previously known as Microsoft Lync)

NBN Ready - No more copper phone lines!

SIP Trunks push all your calls over your internet connection which means you can get rid of your expensive traditional copper phone lines. (e.g. PSTN and ISDN). With SIP Trunking you’ll get high quality calls at a fraction of the cost of traditional technologies.

Additionally you’ll be completely NBN ready and you won’t experience any headaches when the old networks (e.g. PSTN and ISDN) are decommissioned.

Reduce your call costs

Pay for what you use with our pay as you go call rates. On average customers save 40 - 50 % on the ongoing call costs compared to their existing providers.

Compatible PBX

Many of the major PBX brands support SIP Trunking*, including:

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Being based in Northern Territory comes with a legion of connection and accessibility challenges. Hosted Network's VoIP solution has provided us with an extremely profitable and cost effective option to combat the remote, harsh environment we're faced with. From start to finish, our experience has been seamless. Hosted Network provide us with an exceptional level of ongoing support and confidence.

Frequently Asked Questions

Just a few of the more commonly asked questions

How many SIP Trunk Channels do I need?

Ultimately this will depend on how many concurrent calls your Office makes. As an example a business with 10 staff would need ~4 channels.

What bandwidth do I need to run my SIP trunks?

67kbps (G7.11 Codec) upload & download speeds for a typical call. We can apply additional compression to lower the bandwidth further but this will be at the expense of call quality.

What internet connection is recommended for SIP Trunks?

ADSL and NBN are fine for small businesses but are not always the most reliable, if your phone system is critical or you run a larger business we’d always recommend a business grade internet connection such as EFM, EoC or Fibre.

Can I make international calls a SIP trunk?

Yes you can, however we do block certain countries due to a high risk of fraud. If this impacts you we can allow it for your account.

Can I port by phone numbers over to my SIP trunk?

Yes you can. We can port your phone numbers over from your existing provider or we can provide you knew numbers. Note that additional charges will apply.

How many SIP Channels can I get?

The limit on how many SIP Channels you can run is determined by your internet connection’s size and the SIP Trunk package you’ve subscribed to.

Can I run my SIP trunks on ADSL?

Yes you can. We’d only recommend 4-6 calls on a reliable ADSL connection. We do however always recommend a business grade internet connection such as EFM, EoC or Fibre. This way the speed and reliability is guaranteed.

Where can I run my SIP Trunk from?

You can run your SIP Trunk from anywhere with an internet connection. Keep in mind that if you’re connecting from overseas that your latency / internet connection reliability isn’t going to be great and may impact the quality of your calls.

Does Fax work over a SIP Trunk?

This is dependant on your fax machine, traditional fax machines won’t work over a SIP Trunk and usually a digital to analog converter (ATA) may be required. Ultimately we recommend you move away from traditional fax services and take advantage of an E Fax service.

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