Cloud based all-in-one private military-grade encrypted
global storage network solution.

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All-in-One Private Encrypted Global Storage Network Solution

NetCrypt is a SaaS data security product that works as a network of secure cloud drives, designed to replace traditional file servers
in an era of borderless networks and BYOD.

NetCrypt provides the benefits of the Cloud such as secure file-sharing, access control, back-up and recovery whilst ensuring organisations are able to meet compliance requirements. It also provides customers with data protection across all points including the end-point to truly secure data and ensure only authorized users have access.

Top Features

Secure Data and Access from any Location

Files are stored in 256-bit AES encrypted vaults and are only made visible, and accessible once a user is authenticated via the NetCrypt software. Data can be accessed securely from any device (including BYOD), and from any location via the NetCrypt desktop client, web browser or apps.

Storage Networks Enabling True Data Sovereignty

Organisations with multiple regional or global offices can create a secure global encrypted storage network, storing data where necessary to meet compliance requirements. Data can be synced and shared without files touching untrusted servers making NetCrypt suitable for customers in any industry, including highly regulated ones. It also enables rapid scalability.

Transparency and Auditability

Entire system visibility in a single integrated dashboard enabling easy management of storage, users, groups, permissions and devices. Full platform auditability of data transactions ensures IT/management maintains complete ownership of data security.

Flexible Deployment Options

On-premise, hosted, hybrid or marketplace cloud storage options to suits different requirements. The secure cloud storage allows full ownership and control of encryption keys with no access to third-party service providers or cloud hosts.

End-point Protection

Unlike other file-sharing solutions, NetCrypt protects the end-point so if a device is lost or stolen, company information remains inaccessible and secure.

Rapid Recovery

Instant recovery from file deletions, file overwrite and CRYPTO locker. Ability to customise retention and versioning needs to meet sovereignty requirements.

File-sharing and Collaboration Enablement

Regain control of IP and eliminate shadow IT to collaborate with confidence through secure file-sharing links without the risk of interception or ownership loss.

Cost Effective Data Security Solution

Simple to deploy with minimal disruption and familiar interface providing easy end-user adoption. No capital outlay is required.

Features at a Glance:

  • Secure cloud storage
  • Data retention & versioning
  • Web & mobile device access
  • Secure file sharing and collaboration
  • Data loss protection
  • Control data access beyond the firewall
  • Revoke and prevent unauthorized access to data
  • User access auditing for compliance
  • Device management with remote wipe
  • Hierarchical data access with full granular permissions
  • Active Directory integration and SSO
  • Global file locking

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