Cloud based all-in-one private military-grade encrypted
global storage network solution.

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Protects organisations from loss of sensitive data ownership and control

NetCrypt is a unique data security solution that enables organisations to maintain control and visibility of their data no matter where it resides, or the device it is accessed from. With NetCrypt, organisations can focus on business growth rather than worrying about compliance or the consequences of a data breach.

How does NetCrypt work?

NetCrypt is a SaaS data security product that works as a network of secure cloud drives, designed to replace traditional file servers in an era of borderless networks and BYOD.

NetCrypt provides the benefits of the Cloud such as secure file-sharing, access control, back-up and recovery whilst ensuring organisations can meet compliance requirements. It also provides customers with data protection across all points including the end-point to truly secure data and ensure only authorized users have access, with management able to restrict access beyond the firewall.

Top Features

Secure Data and Access from any Location

Data is stored in AES 256-bit encrypted vaults that can be accessed securely from any device by authenticated users. All data points are encrypted including user end-points.

Secure File-sharing and Collaboration

Share files via secure links and collaborate from any device whilst protecting IP. Guest accounts to set drive / folder access and permissions for third party users and contractors.

Cost Effective Data Security Solution

Simple to deploy with minimal disruption. No changes to the way users work and familiar interface providing easy end-user adoption. No capital outlay is required.

Secure Access from Anywhere

Data access and visibility for authenticated users only from any device or location. Secure access via the NetCrypt client software from a web browser or iOS or Android device. Granular permissions to control access.

Create Encrypted Networks

Connect global, regional and remote offices to provide sovereign data access with local performance. Instantly create drives and assign user permissions for access to data in minutes. Create, modify and delete storage in real-time on multiple servers.

Data Loss Protection

Instant access denial even if offline protecting data of a device is lost/stolen, or a hacker gains machine access (data is encrypted so unreadable); OR project or contractor/supplier working relationship ends; OR contractor’s device/home PC used for work is compromised.

Beyond Firewall Protection

Two-factor authentication for outside trusted networks. Revoke data access at any time, on any device including BYOD, without requiring an internet connection unlike remote wipe.

Flexible Deployment Options

On-premise, hosted marketplace public and private cloud options. Choose where data resides providing sovereign storage and data access.

Ransomware Protection

Ransomware roll-back of infected files only to the minute before the attack minimising lost output. Configurable retention and versioning to deliver rapid recovery.

Server Sync

Changes made on local devices are automatically synchronized back to the server. ServerSync keeps the data structure on the existing Microsoft Server and syncs the data into NetCrypt and vice versa.

Features at a Glance:

  • Secure cloud storage
  • Secure web & mobile device access
  • Secure file sharing and collaboration
  • Data retention & versioning
  • Data loss protection
  • Flexible deployment options
  • Beyond firewall protection & access revoke
  • Global encrypted storage network creation
  • Ransomware protection & rollback
  • User access auditing for compliance
  • Active Directory integration and SSO
  • Server sync

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