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Make management say yes to DaaS

You know the benefits of Desktop as a Service (DaaS); savings, advanced security, mobility, flexibility, the list goes on – but now you need to convince management that this is the project they must say yes too. Creating the perfect mix of IT and sales is tough, which is why we’ve picked out the key […]

DaaS to the rescue!

Last week the unimaginable happened in Hosted Network HQ, we had a power outage! Not only was our office impacted, but the entire complex, including the McDonalds that is just a short walk from our building. With no lighting, no power and no computers you’d think there would be stressed Directors, unmet deadlines and angry […]

Your Office 365 questions answered

Office 365 is a fantastic product and we get a lot of questions every day about if it can be used with our Desktop as a Service solution. Read on below as I cover the various components of Office 365. Firstly, the main question, “Can I use Office 365 with DaaS?” The answer is yes! […]

Introducing Desktop Disaster Recovery

Imagine if you were in the firing line of a bushfire, a flood or in the eye of a severe storm – how prepared would your organisation be? If your working facility was to be severely impacted, could your business carry on? If you answered no to the above, then it’s time to say hello to the […]

How much bandwidth does Desktop as a Service use?

I’ve been getting this question a lot from partners and while we have a basic FAQ (linked here) its only an example as it always depends on the end clients workload. So, I wanted to do a deeper look at how much bandwidth was needed for a typical tenant and give some specifics to the […]

DaaS as a DR Solution

These days, most businesses see the benefit in some form of Disaster Recovery (DR). Most businesses still see this as a storage tape that somebody would take home each night, which really isn’t DR. Some might even take this a step further and have a DR solution in place for their entire server. Think about […]

What is DaaS? (Desktop as a Service)

Desktop as a Service or “DaaS” is the delivery of a complete desktop workspace from the cloud. Just like you would stream a video on Youtube, we do something similar with your corporate desktop. Your entire desktop is streamed from the datacentre back to the device you’re working from via the internet. This means there […]