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Troubleshooting Phone Registration Issues

This article provides useful tips when troubleshooting phone registration issues. It looks at the PBX side as well as the actual phone.

Summary Steps

Register/deregister phone manually

Change SIP Transport protocol

Test extension on another phone or software phone

Test extension on different internet connection

PBX Registration Status

1. Log into PBX management portal for the organisation and verify whether the extension is registered or not.

This can be done when going to an organisation and then to a specific user. Open the actual extensions shows little bit more information (IP address, expiration).

2. Phone should be online (reachable) in normal conditions. If the phone status says "None registered" as per the image above, phone is failing to communicate with the exchange which means we have to investigate on the phone side.

IP Phone Registration Status

3. Verify PBX is reachable using ping

4. Log in into phone web interface and check account status on main page. Status bar should be green saying YES on SIP registration.

This is first, and basic form of verification. Basic because phone can sometimes say registered, but it actually is not. For this reason, we have to go to settings and force it to do so.

5. Go to 'Accounts' in the main menu and select the affected account.

The radio button 'Account Active' gives you option to manually register and deregister the phone. Click 'No' and save the setting Status of the account should change and should turn red. Once completed, click 'Yes' to make phone to register. Verify status of the extension on PBX.

6. If phone still fails to register, go to affected account settings, select 'SIP Settings' and then 'Basic Settings'.

Change SIP Transport setting to UDP or TCP, depending on the existing setting. Transport protocol may be affected by router NAT setting, SIP ALG and some other factors. Once protocol is changed, phone will deregister and register again.

7. If all above steps failed, try to register extension on a software phone on the same internet connection. If this fails, try it using 4G or different internet connection. Also, verify your credentials are correct. If not sure, reset it via PBX management portal.

8. If none of these steps worked, please, open a support ticket with us, so we can assist.